myUbiquity Integration Details

GoCo and myUbiquity have partnered to provide your employees the ability to access the details of their 401(k) plan right through their employee profile. 

How it works for you as the Admin:

  1. GoCo will send your employee demographics to myUbiquity each time your payroll runs. This will update myUbiquity with newly hired and terminated employees.
  2. If GoCo is syncing your payroll changes we'll report employee deferrals to myUbiquity on your behalf and update employee deferral amounts. If you're not syncing payroll, talk to your Client Success Manager about your options.

How it works for your employees:

  1. After you hire them in GoCo, we'll send a report to myUbiquity letting them know you have a new employee that needs to be offered 401(k) account set-up information. myUbiquity will send your employee the welcome information and the employee will set-up their myUbiqity account, choose their per pay deferral and manage their account. There will be a link to myUbiquity's website right in GoCo to allow easy access for your employees.
  2. Your employee will log into their myUbiquity account to make any deferral changes.

Note: It's always a good idea to keep an eye on deferral reports, etc. Each year, a reconciliation occurs and it's best to catch any possible errors prior to the annual reconciliation period.

For more information, contact