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How do I update/view my information in GoCo?

Need to make changes to your profile? GoCo makes this easy!

Your profile is your main GoCo hub. Here is an overview:

Profile Overview

From here you can edit your Personal Information, Contact Information, Emergency Contacts, view and make changes to your benefits, request time off, view your employment info, update tax preferences, and sign any documents your HR team may have asked you to do.

To update Personal Information:

Click the Edit button to the right of your name to view the fields you can change. You’ll be able to update your name, add a photo, and make a few other edits. (Please Note: To update your SSN, you’ll need to contact us directly.)

Once you’re finished here, click Save.

Personal Info


To update your contact information:

Click the Edit button on the Contact Information section (below Personal Information). This will allow you to update your email address, phone number, address, and add work contact information. While you can choose to make your personal contact information visible to coworkers or not, your work contacts will always be visible to them, and your address is not visible to your coworkers at all.

Please note that we have the following disclaimer when updating your personal email that you must acknowledge to update:



To update your emergency contact:

Expand your Emergency Contacts card and click Edit to make your elections - yes, it's that easy!


To view your benefits:

Click Manage on the Benefits card to view current Active coverages. You can view your Plan Details or Insurance card, too! 

You can also view whether or not you are waived, the per pay period amount you pay and even submit a life event.

If you have any questions, please contact help@goco.io!