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What is Execupay and how does it work with GoCo?

Curious about GoCo's embedded payroll option with Execupay? Read more below!

We’ve partnered with an industry leading payroll provider to create an easy-to-use all-in-one solution; GoCo + Embedded Payroll (Execupay).

Embedded payroll allows you to run payroll directly from GoCo, seamlessly capture
paystubs and automatically manage reconciliations. 

GoCo acts as the source of truth so changes employee's personal information, benefit deductions and earnings will automatically flow into payroll. No more double entry for you!




  • What fields transfer over to Execupay on the API?
All personal information, benefit deductions, earnings & employment details transfer to Execupay instantly from GoCo. 
    • If you are currently using GoCo's benefit module, and you have active, published lines, those deductions will automatically feed over to Execupay. Some common examples: Health, Dental, Vision, Group Life, Flex Spending, etc
      • The only deductions not stored in GoCo are Garnishments (like Child Support). These need to be setup by your Execupay contact.
    • GoCo Time Off and Time Tracking also seamlessly syncs to the GoCo pay run and onto employee paychecks. 
    • When you add one time bonuses or earnings on your payroll run in GoCo, those get pushed to Execupay as well, straight onto employee checks. 
  • How do I add a one-time earning?
    • One time bonuses or earnings can be added directly onto the payroll run in GoCo, before the checks are created:
    • screely-1582220916638
  • How do I make a recurring commission/bonus/etc?
    • On an employee's profile you can set-up any recurring earnings that should be included on all checks:
    • screely-1582221140769
    • screely-1582221199920
  • How do you create an earning code? How do you create a deduction code?  
    • In order for the codes to be available to you in GoCo, we need to get them set-up in Execupay first. Contact your GoCo CSM for help on this!
  • How much does embedded payroll cost?
    • See our website for details on how to contact a rep for a quote.

For more detailed information on specific payroll functionality, visit our partner, Execupay.

Check out our Execupay Training Library here!