Deluxe Time Tracking FAQ

Below are the some frequently asked questions about getting Time Tracking hours into payroll for processing using the Deluxe People Platform. Please be sure to read the information carefully.

Table of Contents

How does my Time Tracking information get populated from my Deluxe People Platform into my payroll platform (MyPayCenter)?

Your Deluxe People Platform includes a standardized payroll timecard export as part of
the Time Tracking module. When it comes time to process payroll, you will
export (download) the timecard file from the Deluxe People Platform to your computer, then
import (upload) the timecard file from the location you saved into the MyPayCenter.

Once I have imported the file are their other steps I need to complete?

Once you have imported the file, it is important to add any items not included in the
standard file, directly into the payroll system. Adjustments (ex. retro payments), additional
payments or earnings (ex. bonus or commissions) and double overtime would not be included
in the time import and would need to be entered for those employees in the payroll

Do I need to enter time off that is approved in the Deluxe People Platform (vacation, PTO, etc.)?

Once the request is made in the Deluxe People Platform and it is APPROVED, it will
become a record to be paid. For example, if any employee requests 8 hours of PTO and it is
approved, when the timecard file is exported the next time you process payroll, it will be
included as an earning and brought into the payroll platform for payment to the employee.

It is important to note that these paid records will be displayed as such on the employee’s pay
stub that can be retrieved in their Employee Profile in their Deluxe People Platform account.
The leave pay balances (accruals) will not be brought into the payroll application. They can be
viewed/referenced in the Deluxe People Platform by both employees and administrators.

Anything else I need to know?

Reviewing your payroll for accuracy in the MyPayCenter application after the payroll
sync has been completed and the timecard has been imported is crucial. Be sure to review
carefully prior to submitting payroll.

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