Deluxe Payroll Sync FAQ

These are the important things to note with how employee payroll data is synced.

The Deluxe People Platform is a comprehensive solution encompassing an HR platform and
payroll process engine. To ensure the best possible experience and that all employee changes
are captured correctly and in a timely manner, below are some items that are very important to

Where do I update my Employee’s Information?

The Deluxe People Platform is the HR application and source for employee data
changes. Your employees will log in to update their profiles and personal information. As the
platform administrator, please ensure you make all data changes in the Deluxe People Platform.
These will then be synced by the Deluxe teams on your behalf.

Is there employee information that needs to be updated in the payroll system

There are certain fields that only apply to payroll that will need to be maintained in
MyPayCenter. Below is a list of those fields in the Employee Profile.

  • Field: Opt Into Payroll Tax Credit
  • Field: Is Tipped
  • Field: Do Not Auto-Collect Other Pay to Meet Minimum Wage
  • Field: EEO Code
  • Field: Minority Code
  • Field: Real Dependents
  • Field: Exclude Workers Comp Hours
  • Field: FICAS Deferral Opt-In
  • Field: SUTA State
  • Field: Ignore Allocations
  • Payroll Deduction Fields
  • Leave Pay Settings
  • Other Pay Specific Information

How does the payroll Sync Process work?

The Deluxe and GoCo teams will manually sync the changes made to the employee
information from the Deluxe People Platform into the payroll application.
This will be completed by the team on your behalf the day before your last scheduled
processing day. For example, if your payroll must be closed by Wednesday at 3pm EST, then
your payroll information will be synced on Tuesday, the day before you close payroll. It is important to note, that you will receive a confirmation email that indicates that this has been
completed – Be sure to watch for the email!

What if I need to do an “unscheduled” payroll run?

If you need to do an ad-hoc or voucher run that is different than your regularly
scheduled payroll, you will need to review the employee information that is in the Deluxe
People Platform and ensure it matches the payroll application. If it doesn’t match, be sure to
make the employee changes prior to processing the ad-hoc or unscheduled payroll run to
include these changes.

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