[Employee] How do I add a second bank account?

PLEASE NOTE: Some payroll providers do not allow this functionality. If you do not see the secondary bank selection seen in step 3, please reach out to your HR admin to advise.

Do you want to split your paycheck between two bank accounts? GoCo allows you to do this! Follow the steps below to set this up.

1. From your employee page in GoCo, click under the Payment & Tax card:


2. Under this card, hit Edit to open up the details:


3. Below your existing account information, there is a box that allows you to +add a secondary bank account. Click that box to enter those new account details. 


NOTE: You will have to select either a dollar amount or percentage of your paycheck that you want to be deposited into EACH account. Make sure to edit this number under both your original account and secondary account. 

4. Once you have entered the details, don't forget to hit Save!


You are all set!