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Does GoCo calculate backpay?

With GoCo's embedded payroll all changes to an employee's profile automatically get pushed to the payroll run. However, there are a few things to note when this involves pay. See below!

In order to make sure employees are paid correctly, follow these guidelines in GoCo.

  • If you change an employee's pay with a future effective date, you will see it on the payroll run when the work period includes the effective date of the change.
    • GoCo will apply the prorated amount by day so you don't have to make any edits! 
  • If you change an employee's pay with an effective date in the past, GoCo will adjust the pay immediately but will not calculate any back pay. 
    • To prorate by day follow these steps below. 
    • For hourly employees you can add another earning code and put in the new rate, then adjust the hours worked. 
    • For salary employees, you'll have to adjust the amount itself and do the math offline since the rate is not editable in GoCo.

Once you are done with these edits you can proceed with processing payroll.


If you have any questions please email us at help@goco.io!