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Company Permissions Overview

We’ve given more transparency on which Partner Teams are helping you administer benefits, payroll, and magic documents. As well as, consolidated how you manage your team and their access.

From the company page, choose the Company Permissions card. From there you'll have access to view the different types of users and what level of access they have:

Your Team Permissions

The below user types can be assigned, revoked, etc. completely by a Full-Access admin user.

  • All Users: You'll see a list of all users and what their user access is. This list includes Employees, Admins, Benefits Processing Teams, etc.
  • HR Admins: Team members with advanced access (Full-Access or Limited-Access) to team and company HR info.
  • Managers: Team members who have direct reports.

Additional User Types

We think it's really important to provide transparency into who's doing what on your account. That's why we create visibility into the different types of users accessing your account on a regular basis. These are users that are assigned by GoCo/your Broker.

  • Super Administrators: Users with full-access to all company and team information.
  • Benefit Administrators: Users with full-access to manage/process benefits.
  • Benefit Advisors: Users with read-only access to benefits.
  • Benefit Processors: Users who get notifications related to benefit changes. These can be assigned by line. For COBRA processing, the two reminders GoCo will send are to issue COBRA general notices and offer continued coverage.
  • Payroll Processors: Users with view-only access to sync changes in GoCo to payroll. Receives payroll notifications.
  • Magic Doc Processors: Users with view-only access to create Magic Docs for the company. Receives Magic Doc notifications.