How can I add existing or offline documents to an employee's profile?

Do you have some offline documents such as resumes, pictures, of ID cards, etc...taking up space in your file cabinets? Upload them to an employees records in GoCo!

Here is how to begin your upload:

  1. Navigate to the profile of the employee who has a document you need to upload by clicking Team and selecting the desired employee.

  2. Click the Documents card on the employee's profile. At the bottom of the list of all documents currently on file for that employee, click on + Add Documents for Employee.

  3. From here, click Upload, and then drag & drop the files you would like included.

  4. You'll then be presented with a module that allows you to customize a few pieces of the uploaded document

    Herescreely-1581452723253's what you can adjust:

    • Document Name
    • Does this document expire? You can now set an expiration date! (you'll also get a notification when the document expires)
    • Employee: View or Hidden (employees that have access to view the document will also be able to download it on their computer)
    • Manager: Edit or Hidden (the edit option allows managers to adjust the name, permissions and expiration date of the doc)

    Once you are done adjusting the settings in this module, click "Add Document". That document is now saved under that employees profile.

    If you ever need to make changes to your document in the future, click on the more options button and select "Edit". You'll then be taken back in the same module where you can re-adjust the settings!


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